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Crystals are used as alternative medical technique to cure ailments.

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VASTU means dwelling of humans & God and KRITI means divine creation for better living. VastuKriti aims to inspire the living in harmony with nature.

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We are best consultant due to a simple philosophy: reliability and excellence of service coupled with the use of the best resources available.

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'Vastukriti' was established in 2013. with an intention to aspire people in the subject of 'divinity'. Initially ,we started up with 'Vastu' services. we at 'Vastukriti' encountered many consultancies where we manage to live upto our tag line..'The Divine Living'. our aim is to give the best of our knowledge to the society.

As we grew / move further, we found that irrespective of Vastu corrections there are some other forces that also effects our surroundings .This research took us to all new aspect of energy.  We did a deep research of approximately 2 years  and got to know about the 'Auric field' of substances. This research has transformed  'Vastukriti' as an institution. With this we enter into an absolutely  new horizon  of 'Universal Life Energy' called ' Reiki'.

We are  happy to announce that 'Vastukriti' now presents a complete energy correction package . Our services includes:-

  1. Reiki
  2. Vastu
  3. Astrology
  4. Dowsing
  5. Numerology
  6. Past life sessions.
  7. Meditation sessions
  8. Crystal therapy

About Director :
She was born in 1988 in Delhi and completed her Graduation in B.COM (Delhi University) and B.Sc in Interior Designing (Punjab Technical University). She attained Diploma in Computer Aided Designs Software’s – Auto-Cad, Adobe Photoshop, 3-D Max through C Point [Regd] South Extension-II. She pursued Vastu Alankar, Vastu Visharad and Astrology Alankar under the guidance of Astro - Vastu Guruji Shri Manoj Juyal. She choose to learn ancient science of Vastu through Panchtatwa [Regd Society for Research and Re-search for Vedic sciences].

She is a Reiki Grand Master, Vastu Consultant , Astrologer, Fusion Reiki Master,Kundalini Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide.

Our Vastu Products

For Homes With Divine Geometry And Body With Divine Soul

Owner's Desk

We turn houses into homes with divine geometry.
Mrs. Kriti Sharma

Vastu is neither a science nor an art, rather it is a vidhya because it is been derieved from Vedas. Anything which we get from Vedas is termed as vidhya like Sangeet Vidhya, Natya Vidhya, Jyotish Vidhya, Vastu Vidhya.

Mr. Varun Sharma

Aroma therapy is healing art which uses the essential oils of aromatic plants and trees to promote health of body, serenity of mind and above all surrounding of vastu.

For complete Healing and Vastu