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Vastu ImagesVastukriti is derived from two words VASTU and KRITI. VASTU means dwelling of humans & God and KRITI means divine creation for better living. VastuKriti aims to inspire the living in harmony with nature, keeping in mind the essentials of asthetic values of Interiors.

As per an old saying :
"If you are one with nature, you are one with God."

Architects make houses with fittings & furnishings but Vastu consultants turn them into homes with divine geometry.

About Director :

She was born in 1988 in Delhi and completed her Graduation in B.COM (Delhi University) and B.Sc in Interior Designing (Punjab Technical University). She attained Diploma in Computer Aided Designs Software’s – Auto-Cad, Adobe Photoshop, 3-D Max through C Point [Regd] South Extension-II.

She pursued Vastu Alankar, Vastu Visharad and Astrology Alankar under the guidance of Astro - Vastu Guruji Shri Manoj Juyal. She chose to learn ancient science of Vastu through Panchtatwa [Regd Society for Research and Re-search for Vedic sciences].

She is a Reiki Channel and attained Master Degree through Reiki Healing Foundation. She has attained Degrees in following fields : -

  • Vastu-Shastra
  • Numerology
  • Reiki Healing
  • Astrology
  • Interior Designing

She is amongst the seasoned Vastu Counselor and Reiki Master.

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