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12th December 2012

Vastu is an occult science. It is not a topic of controversy , but it is a vidhya which was originated 5000 years ago in India. Since then it has been followed by Guru - Shishya Parumpara. Now - a- days people are becoming more conscious about there surroundings ,so they try to rectify the defect in the way it has been mentioned in the articles (magezines, newspaper). However, they forget that incomplete knowledge end up with complete confusion. Vastu Shastra took up a hipe during 20th century, reason being - In the present scenerio, everybody is busy with their work they hardly get time to manage their surrounding as a result they become victims of misfortune.

Human is a social animal - he wants to lead a healthy, prosperous and happy life, but unintensionally he invites troubles with his gestures (cutting trees, disturbing nature, creating pollution...) I have heard many people repelling Vastu Vidhya. I feel pity on them, being blessed to have been born in a country which has a rich heritage, they doubt the authenticity of this vidhya, just because they dont get immediate solutions to their problems ( which has been created by them)

On the other hand, some people read aticles in magezines, newspapers to rectify the defects, but still cant make out much difference, and ends up cursing the vidhya. The best way to tackle the problem is to understand the basic principles of vastu. This article is for all those readers who wants to connect themselves to the cosmic vibes and wants to be blessed by the powerful aura - ALMIGHTY GOD.

Lets understand its working :-

Vastu shaaaastra is represented by Vastu Purush. Vastu Purush is a powerful demon, who was originated by the sweat of Lord Shiva (rudra roop) he was blessed by all the superficial powers, but he used those powers for destruction, due to which Saints and (45) Devtas burried him beaneath the ground, when he apologised for his mistakes, Brahmaji blessed him as - King Of Bhumi and also said that anyone who-so-ever performs activities relating bhumi should take permission of Vastu Purush. Thats why there is a vidhan of Bhumi - Poojan before construction. Those 45 deities represent 45 energy fields in the surroundings.

Vastu with Directions :

There are three types of directions:-
Cardinal Direction : North, South, East, West
Diagonal Direction : North-east, South-East, South-west, North-west.
Sub-Diagonal Direction : North-North-East, East- North-East, East-South-East, South-South-East, South-South-West, West-South-West, North-North-West, West-North-West.

Energy always travels in diagonal direction. Vastu Purush is placed diagonlly beneath the ground.
Heading towards North - East.
Feets towards South - west.
Left arm towards North - west
Right arm towards South - East

Directions - Deities - Element

  • North-East being the head of Vastu - Purush should be lighter and lower than all the other directions.
  • It is the place of Lord Shiva - known as ESHANYA KONE. Element - WATER.
  • South-East being arm of Vastu -purush is used for performing daily activities. It is the place of Agni - known as AGNEYA KONE. Element - FIRE.
  • South-West being feet of Vastu-Purush should always be heavier, stronger than all the other directions. It is a place of Pitra - known as NAIRUTYA KONE. Element - EARTH.
  • North-West being arm of Vastu -Purush is used for performing daily activities. it is place of Varun - known as VAYAVYA KONE. Element - AIR.

NOTE:- Work of hands can be exchanged but work of head and feet can never be exchanged. It can lead to severe problems and chronicl diseases.
18th December 2012
Vastu states that all material forms of universe are all energies. Vastu teaches us the way to turn all non-menifest energies into manifest energies. It turns the positive energies into material form and drive away negetive energy. Every material form of universe radiates at itz own frequency, at different energy levels (some positive,some negetive).

Vastu principle - If a stored energy at any place is positive, people, living in that place will enjoy good health,wealth,happiness. If the stored energy is negetive people will suffer from chronical diseases.

Universe was created by Big Bang Theory. It is said to be - kind of blast of energy field came out with a wong n steep Naad - OM - Oooooooooommmmmmmmmmm.

As we know - Energy is inversely proportional to Matter - Lets undrstand itz application :-

Energy - Matter.
Earth - Universe
Big Bang - Universe.
Om - Universe.

So we can say that Earth is inversly proportional to Universe. Universe is collaboration of '5' elements of nature - EARTH, WATER, AIR, SPACE, FIRE. - Lets understand its application :-

OM = A
         = HALANT
         . = VISARG

Lets understand the Functions of 5 Elements With Brahma Naad

A               Earth                mata                           srishti         brahma
O               Water               jivan                           palan          vishnu
M               Fire                 jalna                           sanghar       rudra
                Air                   hawa                           tirubhav      mahadev
.                space                pita-moksha                anughah     shiv

Shiv ling - shiv murati
Nirakar - sakar
Om - Om Namah Shivay
Shiv - panch maha bhoot eshwar.
23rd December 2012

Vastu is not a science itz vidhya (knowledge which we got from vedas) like jyotish vidhya, vastu vidhya, sangeet vidhya, natya vidhya, everything else is shiksha education. Vastu is originated from Esthapatya Veda which is a part of Atharva Veda (one of the four vedas). Vastu is an upveda.

Vedas are the oldest writings consisting architecture, science, technology, culture nphilosophy. Vedas were written five thousand years ago, by the great sage Veda Vyas - who compiled his knowledge into four vedas ie; Rig Veda, Sam Veda, Atharva Veda, Yajur Veda. Vedas are said to be spoken by God at the time of Formation of Prakruti. This knowledge is transfered from generation to generation by Guru - Shishya Parampara.

The word Vastu is derieved from sanskrit word vasa, which means habitat and tu, means you. Vastu is all about you and your surroundingz The development of Vastu as tradition can be traced in three regions viz; Vesara Desa, Dravida Desa, Naga Desa.Vastu preached by Bhrigu was popular in Dravida Desa ie; Sourthern India. Vastu developed by Kashyap Rishi is widely folloewd in Naga Desa ie; Northern India.

The ancient text available on vastu is Vishwakarma Prakash, Vrihat Sanhita, Samarangam Sutradhaar, Aparjita Prutchcha, Praman Manjari, Varaha Purana, Bavishya Puran. The ancient example of Vastu are Iron pillar of Qutub Minar, statue of Khajuraho Temple, Painting of Ajanta Ellora, Konark Temple. Ramayana tells us about 7-8 storied building.

Veda covers all domain of life - farming, metallurgy, artillery, architecture, customs. Vastu is nothing but set of guidlines stated in vedas.Our saints versed with the principle of energy is propotional to matter. They saw energy in every matter form - animals, plants, paper, stick etc. that is the reason of having kaal purush in astrology and vatu purush in vastu. Vastu purush is presiding deity of a given place.

Vastu purush is controlled by 45 deities, which are nothing but 45 patterns of energies.

The vastu vidhya penetrates four level - physical, energetic, spiritual and karmic consisting benefic n melefic energy, from five geat elements - PANCHTATWA.
27th December 2012
Listening attentively can be the most effective method of meditation. Half ur problem will dieappear, if u listen.

Often people call me, seeking problem to solution, but more than listening to my solutions, they keep on repeating there problems. It gives me the feeling - that there ears are open my mind is blocked. Thats why neither they got solutions, nor releavilation with their problems. I suggest them that half of their problem will be solved if they start listening. Let me justify my point by narrating a story :-

Osho tells a story - a philosophy professor, who went to his GURU about, nirvana, meditation and other spiriutal things, his Guru listened to him and said "you look tired, lets have a cup of tea", The professor was boiling with questions. The master keep on saying "wait dont be in a hury, who knows even by drinking tea ur querries may be solved". The professor was too filled with his thoughts that he didnt pay much attention to his master. The professor thought that this whole jourey is wasted, this man is mad. How can my questions be answered by drinking a cup of tea, but the professor was tired so he agree to have a cup of tea.

The master poured tea into his cup n keep on pouring. The tea started overflowing, the professor shouted, "stop! what r u doing? r u mad? cant u see ,the tea is over flowing? cant u see that saucer is full?" The master said, "thats exactly is ur situation, ur mind is full of qurries, even if i give u solution u dont have the space to get that inside ur mind, but u seem to be intellegent - u know even a single drop more of tea would have slotted on the floor".

Since the professor entered the house his mind was full of questions, this master asked him to empty his mind n then look for the answer.

So the moral is :- first free urself with materialistic boundages n guilts of life, then all ur question will be answered.

For complete Healing and Vastu