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What is vastu?

  1. Vastu is “the place where people dwell”. Vastu Shastra is broadly understood as the science dealing with dwelling places. This definition of vastu has led to people linking it with architecture. Vastu, in its principle conceptualization means, the ‘site’or ‘land’ and how it is placed and only then with what man does with it.

Is Vastu related to any religion?

  1. Absolutely not. Religion plays no role in Vastu. Vastu is based on universal principles of planetary forces elements. Vastu science shows individual how to create manmade spaces so that they honour the law of universe and establish harmony with nature.

What is the significance of Vastu Purush?

  1. Vastu Purush is the symbolic representation of all the psychological changes that takes place within us as well as within house.

Why do I need a Vastu Consultant?

  1. Vastu Consultantion could be very helpful if you are purchasing or renting a house,or designing a home. It is essentially recommended if you are facing problems and hurdles in life, if there is lack of harmony in life or work.

Why are the directions important for vastu?

  1. Different plants govern different direction and have specific influences and inhabitants. By understanding the directions, one is able to balance different forces harmoniously.

What is the best direction for a house to face?

  1. Each direction has an exalted position where the front entrance can be placed and thus the house can face any direction.

Do colour play a role in vastu?

  1. Yes, the colours in one’s home or landscape should be coordinated with the colour of the respective planet and elements associated to different directions. Doing this will increase energy flow around you.

How can vastu be applied to commercial and industrial premises?

  1. The science of Vastu is universal and the basic principles are applicable to all type of buildings.Some specific points to keep in mind for commercial and industrial building are :- Inventory should ideally be placed in North West sector to facilitate faster movement. Equipments should be placed in the South West/South East zone. Chemicals should be stored underground.

Are Vastu and Feng-shui related?

  1. Just as Buddhism evolved out of Vedic religion that rise to Hinduism, Feng-shui most likely evolved out of Vastu, during the period when Chinese scholars travelled to India to study Vedic traditions and disciplines.

What are the benefits of Vastu?

  1. Vastu principles not only bring just prosperity into the household but also love and peace commodities fast disappearing in the world. Vastu principles are directed at harmonizing, respects nature and draws it into our realm. The presence of nature inspires us and helps us turn inward to pay attention to our soul.

What are the effects on tenants?

  1. The question of ownership does not exist. Whoever occupies the space and stays in the building is the reicipient of effect.

Why North East corner of the house is so auspicious? Why we keep it open?

  1. Due to tilt of earth (221/2) North East corner of a structure receives energy. During early morning when the sun is at its maximum distance from the earth only infra-red rays are able to reach the earth, which are beneficial for the human body. Hence North East corner of the house should receive infra-red beneficial.

Are all houses situated in front of T-junction are bad? Why?

  1. Generally speaking, one should avoid a building in front of T-junction. In comparision a house in a T-junction in the South or West direction has more bad effects then the one facing North/North East direction. The harsh energy due to traffic on the road entering directly into the premises result in the tense negative environment.

Why South West room is considered to be a powerful room?

  1. The positive energy through North East corner gets stored in South West area. South West area denotes earth element which gives more stability. North East room is like front seat and South West is balcony of cinema hall.

South West entry is not supposed to be auspicious? Why?

  1. All the positive energy from North East corner will move away through South West door. It is supposed to be the door of leakage of money. South West corner should always be closed and blocked to avoid negative energy entering into house.

What is the most negative Vastu flow in a house?

  1. An underground water tank in the South West area of house is the most negative and major flaw in Vastu. This leads to the defects represented by the 3D’s DEATH, DELAYS, DISHARMONY in the family.

What should be the place of toilet in a house?

  1. The ideal location for a toilet is West, North Westand South. North East is the worst direction for toilet. In a toilet while performing daily activity never sit facing East-West axis.Water Closet (W.C.) must be in North/South axis. The flooring level of toilet should be higher than rest of the floor.

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