Vastu Analysis

Vastu Analysis

An Introduction to Vastu :

Vastu is neither a science nor an art,rather it is a vidhya because it is been derieved from Vedas. Anything which we get from Vedas is termed as vidhya like Sangeet Vidhya, Natya Vidhya, Jyotish Vidhya, Vastu Vidhya.

Vastu finds its origin in Esthapatya Veda which in turn is a part of Atharva veda. The Vedas are originally spoken by THE GOD at the time of formation of prakruti ie; matters trillions of year ago. It has been scientifically proved that energy is inversely proportional to matter. Vastu teaches us to transform energy into material form. Vastu hits the invisible energy, everything that is visible is the result of invisible.

The word Vastu is an inclination of 5 basic element of nature :

    AIR - VAYU

Therefore, if you are one with nature,you are one with THE GOD Five elements of nature, i.e., Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Space are responsible for generating positive and negative energies. These five elements are not physical substances but powers or essences describing all matter and all attributes. These elements are also associated with colors, seasons, directions and organs. For example, the elements -

    1. 'Fire' is associated with red, summer, the south, the heart.
    2. 'Earth' positioned at the center, stands for yellow, oranges, or brown, mid-autumn, etc. and the liver.
    3. 'Air' is blue autumn, north and the lungs and gall bladder it gets), winter, the west, and the kidneys.
    4. 'Space' is shapeless, colourless and has North-East direction effects mind and cells.

One of the story about origin of Vastu Shastra is related to the birth of Vastu Purush.

A fierce battle between lord shiva and demon Andhaka took place. During course of battle few drops of perspiration from lord shiva fell on the ground. Out of these drops emerged a horrifying figure. When he walked the earth trembled. When he breathed the wind blew, when he drank the water level goes down. He was the manifestation of unrestrained chaotic energy. This demon needed to be contained since he was threatening to wreak havoc throughout the earth.

The terrified Gods went to brahma. Brahma told them to hold the person faced down. 45 deities pressed him down with Lord Brahma in the middle. He complained to brahma about his innocence, Brahma blessed him by giving him name and status of Vastu Purush who will be presiding deity of all plots and building and offering will have to made to him. If anybody failed to do so then he may eat them.

This is a story. The truth is once in ancient times there was an immense destructive force which was controlled by 45 deities ie; engineers. There set of guidline or regulation or bye laws was termed as vastu Purush. Vastu Purush was born on Krishna paksha, Bhadrapad masa, Tritiy Tithi, Shaniwar, Kritika nakshatra, Vayatipat Yoga, Vishti Karan during Bhadra in kullika muhurat. This is like Indian constitution was born on 26th Jan,1950.

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